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Biotech Innovation Lanka

Offers consultancy in biotechnology for the pharmaceutical industry.


Our consultancy is specialized on:

  • Biosimilars, glycosylated proteins/monoclonal antibodies
  • API development and production (from lab scale to market)
  • Technology transfer (not only for biosimilars) from Europe to Asia and vice versa
  • Mammalian cell culture and down-stream processing, final bulk analysis and product release
  • GMP protocols
  • Intravenous solutions (from saline to complex mixtures)

We are practical oriented, hands-on company. Patient safety is our priority maxim: if you cannot give the infusion to your child, it is not a safe product! Quality - not only on paper - is our mission statement.

We are aware of the complexity of modern API production. We look deep into process development for stable product quality and process robustness, up-scale opportunities, as well as full compliance to regulatory affairs (FDA, EMA, WHO).